Coloridoh edible play dough!

  • Happy thanksgiving!

    Have a great holiday!  
  • Try and error!

    I am looking for a sugar alternative that is safer for children. Some alternatives can break your stomach. Also, as a result of various prototypes...
  • Cute and easy

    Making a sample for a food startup event in San Francisco. Cute and easy with a cookie cutter.
  • Tasting event in SF

    It was great time! We received a lot of feedback at the tasting event in San Francisco. Cookie dough will be updated. Thank you!#cookiedough #color...
  • Goooooooooaaaaalllll!!!

    Thank you sooooo much to your support!!! We achieved our goal and finished the project. From now on, our products have started a new stage. As a s...
  • Our first press !
  • Research to increase color variations

    We are experimenting with various natural food coloring. Unlike normal food colors, colors made from natural food are delicate. Some seemingly beau...